Always Raining in the Valley

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Always Raining in the Valley is a mod created by HimeTarts.

Featuring Henry, Mia and Sterling, it is an amazing mod who have many puns, up and downs for you to discover and explore.

"Have you ever felt lost? Adrift? It's okay not knowing what the next stage of your life will have in store for you. After all, we're all often so lost in our own heads that we forget to connect with the people that surround us. ARV is a mod about growing through those who surround us, learning to live with ourselves when we can't love ourselves, and what has to be an obscene amount of puns."[1]

Currently, ARV is on their first version, which have Sterling's story available. In futures updates, Mia and Henry will also have their story available.

Trigger warnings : Alcoholism / Drug Addiction / Suicide Ideation / Minor Cursing

  1. Himetarts's words on the mod page.