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Lavril - East Scarp NPC (King's Raid) is a mod created by Arknir27.

Featuring Lavril and Void.

"Lavril & Void are two sides of the same coin: A mysterious young girl accompanied by a haunted toy rabbit. She is a child NPC, planned to be adoptable by the player at ten hearts. This mod contains cinematic events told in a visual novel format with a new revolutionary way of storytelling. Ghosts are evil spirits filled with resentment, but the souls of children are too pure and innocent to bear any grudge. Lavril is a lonely being with a pure and kind mind, whereas her male rabbit-doll counterpart, Void, is her unruly and mischievous protector. Nonetheless, she's still a ghost. A shy and timid girl who longs for friendship. Though she is fearful of others, she peacefully haunts one of the abandoned establishments in East Scarp.

  • Lavril is a playable character in the mobile game, King's Raid. You absolutely do not need to have any knowledge of King's Raid whatsoever to fully enjoy this mod. Completely immersive with Stardew Valley's lore."[1]
  1. Arknir27's words on the mod page.