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East Scarp is a mod expansion for Stardew Valley that is developed and published by LemurKat.


Welcome to East Scarp! An expansion adding new NPCs; new locations; new fish; shops; special orders - and many, many secrets. East Scarp is a picturesque neighborhood by the sea, and a direct extension of Pelican Town located at the west of it. This mod comes with many new locations, NPCs, items and additions, however, it is also a home for Custom NPCs to inhabit without creating extra map patches.

Browse the existing East Scarp mods that add new NPCs and exciting adventures to the experience, join the Discord server to follow the development of East Scarp and its add-ons, or enjoy this mod's content without any extra additions. It is for you after all!



Enjoy high country fishing in the Deep Mountains with two new species to collect. The ocean teems with life! And cast your line into the rock pools too, you never know what you might find. Catch anadromous and catadromous fish in the orchard, as they migrate to or from the sea! Strange and beautiful gastropods live in the rock pools. Mysterious and creepy fish lurk around an abandoned site... can you find it?

New Areas

How To Access

You can access East Scarp via a path east of the blacksmith - or, in SVE, by crossing Shearwater Bridge.