Deep Dark

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It's rich with resources... but also home to monsters. Dare you venture there?

+ short cut to the sewers with Nicer Sewer installed.

Navigating the area

You can move through the walls in places where crystals are placed.

  • There is a red journal placed on a table in this area. It reads: "A battered journal. The writing within is sloppy and almost impossible to read."
  • On the right side there is a passageway which takes you to Lexi's Cave.
  • There is a chest in the area that reads: "The chest contains neatly folded children's clothing and an array of toys and books, all placed with loving care."
  • There is a garden in the area. It reads: "This garden bed looks well tended, as though someone takes great pride in attending to it."
  • The ladder is not currently accessible, but if accessed using a mod such as no clip mode, it leads to the south of Jacob and Eloise's home.
  • There is a locked trapdoor in the area.