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Lexi is something of an enigma. They are a creature of unknown species (generally referred to as a "sea monster") living in a hidden location off Scarp beach. Lexi was raised by a human mother, after being found washed up on the beach as an infant. As an adolescent, they returned to the sea in search of their kind, but their mission was unsuccessful. They love sweet things, and can communicate with the animals of the sea and sky (including gulls). After you befriend Lexi, you will be able to trade food with them for selected deep sea 'treasures'.

Lexi is lonely, and seeks connection, but has been treated poorly in the past due to their appearance and "other" nature. They are their kin's equivalent of a teenager.


Lexi remains at home during sunny days and is off doing their own thing when it's overcast and rainy.

7:00 AM Cherry Orchard Beach
12:00 PM Inside the Abandon Shack
4:00 PM Cherry Orchard Beach

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
7:00 AM Sea Cave
12:00 PM Sea Cave
4:00 PM Sea Cave
8:00 PM Sea Cave
7:00 AM Sea Cave
9:40 AM Sea Cave
8:00 PM Sea Cave
6:00 AM Sea Cave
11:00 AM Sea Cave
5:00 PM Sea Cave
8:00 PM Sea Cave

Gift Tastes


"You got this for me? This is wonderful, thank you."

Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Lexi.png All Universal Loves
Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake Rich and moist with a thick fudge icing.


Bundle Red.png Chef's Bundle

Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)

Sugar.png Sugar (1)
Egg.png Egg (1)

Ice Cream.png Ice Cream It's hard to find someone who doesn't like this.

Cooking Milk.png Milk (1)

Sugar.png Sugar (1)

Melon.png Melon A cool, sweet summer treat.

Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding A traditional holiday treat.


"I am grateful for your gift."

Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Lexi.png All Universal Likes (Except Artisan Goods)
All Seeds
Ancient Doll.png Ancient Doll An ancient doll covered in grime. This doll may have been used as a toy, a decoration, or a prop in some kind of ritual.

Mead.png Mead A fermented beverage made from honey. Drink in moderation.

Strange Bun.png Strange Bun What's inside?

Cooking Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)

Periwinkle.png Periwinkle (1)
Void Mayonnaise.png Void Mayonnaise (1)


"You are kind. I am grateful, yes."
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Lexi.png All Universal Neutrals
All Fish


"This ... it is unpleasant. I do not want it."
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Lexi.png All Universal Dislikes (Except Seeds and Fish)


"This thing... I don't like it"
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Lexi.png All Universal Hates
All Artisan Goods (Except Mead)

Movie Theater Tastes


Image Name Season/Year
'The Brave Little Sapling'.png Brave Little Sapling Spring, Y1
'Natural Wonders Exploring Our Vibrant World'.png Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World Spring, Y2

Image Name Season/Year

Image Name Season/Year


Image Name Price
Stardrop Sorbet.png Stardrop Sorbet  Gold Coin.png1250g
Cotton Candy.png Cotton Candy  Gold Coin.png50g
Star Cookie.png Star Cookie  Gold Coin.png150g

Image Name Price
Cappuccino Mousse Cake.png Cappuccino Mousse Cake  Gold Coin.png220g
Chocolate Popcorn.png Chocolate Popcorn  Gold Coin.png1130g
Ice Cream Sandwich.png Ice Cream Sandwich  Gold Coin.png150g
Rock Candy.png Rock Candy  Gold Coin.png150g

Image Name Price
Kale Smoothie.png Kale Smoothie  Gold Coin.png120g
Jawbreaker.png Jawbreaker  Gold Coin.png250g



ID: ?
Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Map: Beach, if Vincent is present
Season: Any
Weather: ?
Description: Vincent tells the farmer about how he met a sea monster.
Extra: Enter Lexi's Cave after that.

Two Hearts

 Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png

ID: 57872005
Time: Any
Map: Sea Cave, if Lexi is present
Season: Any
Weather: Not Rainy
Description: The farmer finds Lexi, who is complaining about a dying plant.

Plants need sunlight. (No effect on friendship.)

Plants can't drink salt water. (No effect on friendship.)

You must have a terrible singing voice. (No effect on friendship.)

Four Hearts

 Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png

ID: ?
Time: Saturday
Map: Sea Cave
Season: Any
Weather: Not Rainy
Description: The farmer meets Lexi's friend, friend gull. They bring Lexi gifts from the sea.
Extra: Will unlock Lexi's trading post (tap the desk in front of Lexi to activate). Lexi will now trade with you on Saturdays.

Eight Hearts

 Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24B.png Heart24B.png

ID: ?
Time: 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Map: Cherry Orchard
Season: Any
Weather: Rainy
Description: Lexi tells the farmer about a friend she had (Mona). Lexi saved Mona from drowning and they became friends. Later on, Mona found her mate and started spending more time in the mountains. Lexi went to the sea for some time and when she came back Mona was gone.

Ten Hearts

 Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png Heart24R.png

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