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Kataryna works for Cryptozoology Today, a "journal" (it's really more of a tabloid) specializing in information about crypids: ie, creatures and beings from folklore, plus extinct animals that may still be around. She is first met in one Oliver's heart event, and will come to the valley once Josephine leaves, to stay in the inn. Why is she here? What secret is she here to uncover? Will she find friendship or resistance? She's stubborn and driven, and quick to the point. She doesn't suffer fools or indecision, and appears lacking in empathy. But is there more to her beneath the surface?

She is a big supporter of Jasper's work, mostly because he's written numerous submissions for her magazine (they also have a common nemesis, sorry Cameron).

Kataryna first comes to visit for her research and will neither accept gifts, nor appear on your social menu. After a series of events, you can choose if you want her to stay, or to let her leave town. If you persuade her to stay, she will start accepting gifts, and at that point can be befriended to 10 hearts before life events will draw her back to the city (unless you elect to marry her).

Kataryna will originally show up on the 15th of each season, and wander around town. The best place to catch her is the saloon, where she attempts to loosen the lips of locals by supplying them with alcoholic beverages. She can also be found on the beach in summer (looking for sea monsters) or visiting Gunther at the museum or Jasper (if installed) in the forest.


Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
9:00AM East Scarp Inn
11:00AM East Scarp
3:00PM Abandoned Orchard